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Occupational Medicine Services

Please download patient forms and have them completed when you arrive to our offices.

We provide skilled occupational health services to the community in order to achieve good

health and productivity outcomes for working people.

We do this by a commitment to excellence, expert care, continuous communication with patients,
employers and payers, and by utilizing available resources in technology to monitor status and report
results. Atmed Occupational Medicine is devoted to the practice of workplace health, offering high quality care to ensure positive patient outcomes and compliance with Federal and state regulations. We do this by applying treatment models that are both efficient and cost effective.


Atmed Occupational Medicine is a division of Atmed Treatment Center, a leader in the practice of Urgent Care medicine in our region. We have provided quality care for almost 40 years, with over 40,000 patient visits annually.


Our staff is specialty trained and experienced, providing dedicated, expert resources to the working community. Along with the team on staff daily at the Treatment Center, they are available to treat all workplace health needs, from DOT and Pre Placement Examinations, to the care and management of injuries and illness, in addition to providing consultation services for the business,
leisure and adventure traveler.

Services available at Atmed Occupational Medicine

• Workers’ Comp Injury Care and Urgent Care Services
• Referrals to Physical Therapy and specialty care
• Drug & Alcohol Testing
• MRO Services
• Drug Testing using Automated Technology
• Audiograms

• Respirator Clearance
• Respirator Fit Testing
• DOT and School Bus Physicals
• Pre-employment Physicals
• Fitness for Duty and Second Opinion Exams
• OSHA Medical Evaluations
• Laboratory Testing
• Digital Radiology X-Rays
• Vaccinations & Titers
• Travel Medicine Consultation and Services


Traveler’s Health

Atmed Occupational Medicine Travel Consultation provides complete and up-to-date consultation and immunization services for the business, pleasure and adventure traveler. We want to help you return from your trip carrying lasting memories rather than the burden of acquired disease.


We offer personalized consultation and travel advice based on your precise itinerary and personal health
history. This will help lower the risk of commonly encountered health problems associated
with international travel, and reassure the risk averse traveler.

Atmed Occupational Medicine Travel Consultations Include:

• Review of travel itinerary and medical history

• Country-specific vaccine recommendations and administration

• Malaria risk assessment

• Prescription for malaria pills and other travel-related medications

• Patient education materials and vaccine information sheets

• A pleasant environment and the ability to have your questions answered by our professional staff


Atmed subscribes to the latest resources in medical advice for travelers, providing recommendations from both the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The information will be current as of the day of the visit.

We recommend a visit at least 6-8 weeks prior to departure, although we will try to accommodate more immediate needs. Call today to schedule an appointment.

EScreen Technology

• Atmed offers eScreen technology for urine drug testing

eScreen provides affordable, rapid, and efficient employee drug testing services for companies seeking faster hiring transactions and paperless solutions. Atmed and eScreen will help you automate and streamline the employee screening process combining cutting edge technology with superior customer service, saving time and money in the hiring process and significantly lowering the overall cost per hire.

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